The Pics


 Our team and some from their Church


Church of Spilt Blood. St. Petersburg, Russia


i feel the sea breeze

 This water is amazing. Thats in the Bahamas.


nnnooo come back!!

so is this. it’s a dolphin if you can’t tell.


*kozzie's thoughts*~ must move puck. Kari look funny. ha

Kozzie and Kari. One Russian, one Finnish. ha


 im falling

now this is why i am the russianone13. Really it is.


 hu huhu hu must keep running-must score.

My other favorite Russian. Just happens to be the same number.


ooo shiny reflection

Short people are amazing. Just look at eric perrin…


the world is tilted

and Toby Enstrom – the next Nic Lidstrom


no what did you think i was

as if you couldnt tell it was in Atlanta and guess who went to it.



this is the evil BEAST more commonly know as the fat lard, be afraid be very afraid.



Jimmie doing what he does best


i love flying

AMS from the air (Atlanta Motor Speedway)


 mmmm toasty

Kimi Raikkonen


brrrummm brrrrmm brrm i go fast

and again in his car.


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