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So it’s been a week. Sooo much has happened. Where do I start. Oh that’s right Slava Kozlov is the greatest man alive.  So is  Salmonella (Anssi). I actually got to go to the Sens game with my church. Wow I think I spent the whole game trying to tell them what was going on. Some girls got it because of box lacrosse, the others just looked at me like I was crazy. It was strange. We do have a new Thrasher fan but she says only because of hot guys that go to the games. Sad but still a fan nonetheless.

NCAA hockey is so much better than basketball.

This is my last week before spring break. Yay! I’m excited. And that means I still have lacrosse. So still expect slow blogging until otherwise.

Until next time. This is TheRussianOne13. Ooowwww.


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What a wonderful saturday.

So I was one of those fans. Yes, of the Red Wings. Well it was only because of Slava Kozlov and he is the only reason I got into Thrashers hockey. So you can thank him for that.

Since Slava doesn’t play for them anymore I have cut all attachments to them, almost, that other Russian is amazing too.

Unlucky me I had a lacrosse game (which was horrible), so I missed out on the 1st period.

2nd period was ugly.

3rd just as bad.

Kozzie’s goal= SICK

Can anyone find me a pic of Kozzie and Datsyuk together. That would be much appreciated.

and finally some quotes:

“From The Press Box”

Former Red Wing Slava Kozlov on playing the Red Wings:  “That was a good test for us, but I think we didn’t pass it. The Stanley Cup champ came to our building and we had a couple chances in the first period on the power play. We didn’t score…We played reasonably but today they dominated. They made good passes with great speed andit was very hard to defend. They always go forward.”

Kozlov on the large contingent of Red Wings fans: “It was half of our building with Detroit uniforms. Lately we didn’t see a lot of fans so we were happy there was a big crowd. It doesn’t matter to us if they are Red Wings fans or ours. It was fun to play (in that atmosphere).”

Wow. We need fans NOW.

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed Ron Hainsey is blogging.

Tonight Thrahsers take on Tampa Bay.

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Im not alone.

Yes that’s right. I’m not the only one who thinks that Slava should be captain.

Todays game was not on tv. sigh. Well the radio was sooo much better anyways. No rebound for you! Thrashers win 5-2.

Sorry I have been kinda not been posting stuff lately. I bought Fable II the other day and have been playing it non- stop.

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Islanders go down in third.

Well we all know that Slava Kozlov is amazing. Here’s the game summary and event summary. Thrash win 4-3

If you didn’t know, the Thrashers visited Fort Benning for some team building. Pics from Thrasher’s site. This one is my favorite.

I beat you down!

Tonight Sabres.

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Kovy apologizes.

“I have to apologize in front of them after those efforts when we got 0-7 and 6-1. We just can’t play like that, even if we’re bad. We can’t give up six or seven goals. It’s a big win, and hopefully they are going to support us. We’ve got a good team…we’re much, much better than that and I promise we’re going to be in way better shape than we are right now.” – Ilya Kovalchuk

Well with that said I think Kovy earned his C. I still think Kozzie and his amazingness should be captain. He should have been last year but were not going to go there. Patience, thats what I like about Kozzie. But if Kovy can lead His team like that last night every night, well then he should be captain.


Tough decision for our coach.

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The never ending Cycle.

We need a captain now and I’m not so sure that Kovy should be it. After last nights loss I turned the channel to different hockey. You know what the difference in their hockey and our hockey was. Cycle. Sustained offence. Movement and change. If I see Ilya do his stupid little pass to the point one more time I’m going to rip my hair out. Grrrg. Kozzie for captain. Do it now.

Other news,  Jimmie Johnson just keeps pwning.


X could not have said this any better.

“What has to happen at this point is everybody has to go home and dust off their shiny little mirror and take a look at themselves, because I don’t think everyone in this [locker] room is toeing the line,” Exelby said. “It’s up to the rest of us to hold everybody on this team accountable, because when you have a guy like Johan Hedberg in net, who arguably is the best man that I’ve ever met in professional sports, and you come out and play like that in front of him, when he only gets to play one game every 10 games, I think it’s embarrassing. It makes me sick to my stomach to think our team came out that way for this guy.”

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Kozlov plays.

Yup and he did something even though we lost 6-4.

Atlanta Thrashers right wing Colby Armstrong (20) scores a goal against Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne, center, of Finland, in the  first period, Friday, Oct. 3,  2008, during a pre-season NHL hockey game at Philips Arena in Atlanta.

yup thats a goal

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Yea, Kozzie is pretty much amazing.

Well over at there is this article.I would have to say that Kozlov, our Kozlov from the Red Kings to the Thrashers, is amazing. Yes, he did have an off year last year, but you could say that for almost the whole team. Ok staying away from that you can see that he is still amazing. I keep using that word. ha

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