Thrashers win opening night.

Sadly I was not able to attend. FAIL. but I did get to watch it on tv. Yay!! Anyways overall a good game.

 Bogo’s goal was pretty sick. I didn’t think it was going to go in and then bam five hole.

(Photo by getty images)

Kovy was Kovy but with a better back check.

 (Photo by getty images)

Evander looked shakey throughout the first but then got some good strong shifts and got his first point. A few more games and he will astound people.

(Photo by getty images)


My first star was this guy.

(Photo by getty images)

Recap is here. Yup next game is on the 8th at St. Louis.

On another note my lacrosse team won today 18-13. Pretty good. I got sun burned. Soo now I’m very red.


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So now what?

It’s the middle of August and there is nothing to do. I’ve watched miracle way too many times and now I’m just waiting for Sept. to come. It’s not coming by the way. Well… at least college has started and all the work that brings. Papers, labs, lectures. The good stuff.

So to hockey information. I have found that D-Wad says Kovy is coming closer and closer. I like how it sounds but is it true?

As for the question everyone keeps asking.

My lines for this year go like this.


Kozzie-White-Be Little




Ron- Pavel

Salmonella- Bobo/Ostyer

So yea I think that’s it for now.

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The Blog

Between packing for college, cleaning my current room, and hanging out with friends who are about to leave, I have not time to write. So for the next few weeks I will be uhhh not here. Sooo yea bye.

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I was here when you were there.


Yea that’s right all week last week. Lets just say it was beautiful. So back to hockey. I got to go to the last game of the season. Wooohhhh. that was fun. Didn’t get to go to warm-ups. Not happy about that.

So on to the game. All pics taken by my brother.

1st period.


The rest of the 1st period pics were not so great. So I didn’t put them here.

2nd period.

We moved seats. 🙂


Tobi- I’m ready…


Who you looking at. Yea that’s right he ignores you.


Little butt hahaha.


 All the other pics of Bogo moving were blury. I think it’s cuz he moves so fast.


Kari played well. I really want him back next year.

3rd period


We stand and watch.


Annnddd that’s the END. We win 6-2.


The Shpifty Awards.

Legions of the Undead Award- Slava Kozlov, Todd White, Garnet Exelby (better year but still…)

Spark Plug Award- Rich Peverley.

Awesome Award- Ron Hainsey

Rookie of the year- Zach Bogosian. (That was obvious)

The Most Amazingness Amazing Award- Marty Reasoner

Killer Name Award- Anssi Salmela(Salmonella)

Team Killer Award- Garnet Exelby

Hypochondriac Award- Kari Lehtonen

Why Don’t You Just Fall on Your Face Award- Jason Williams


Playoffs who do you like?

I really like Milan Lucic but then again I have to go with Kozlov’s younger self -Datsyuk.

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On the road again.

Well I get to come home tomorrow. That should be fun. Right now im listening to the Thrashers game. It sounds good, but then it is Dan Kamal. X is adding his extra two cents. Yesterday I was going to add more pics, then there were none of the one I wanted, which was Bogo. So you can go here and look at this amazing pic. I’m not going to say much more.

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Names and other things.

Well I now have one day to finish my applications for college, so says my dad. But that’s beside the point. Our boys in blue completely annihilated those leafs. Kovy played a good game, but he had his moments where he should not be. I for one don’t like to see ‘superstars’ fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I know he can handle himself, but that’s why you have enforcers on teams. But I can’t always have my way. ha Kovy really did show them who’s boss. I just love moose’s save, amazing. You should of heard my dad and I, we have center ice so we actually got to watch the beating and that amazing save.

They did all the right things and came out with the win. Now keep moving to tonight against those Caps.


One other thing, I want to give this blog a name. My pen name doesn’t work for me. So if you fellow readers would be so kind and come up with something, it would be much appreciated.

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Some power for you

I like this weeks Power Rankings, funny read the stat at the bottom, in last. Well I didn’t get to watch lasts nights game. I was blacked out. Ya go figure. So instead i did college applications and then my computer decided to hate me and died. Story of my life.

Atlanta Thrashers Colby Armstrong (20) takes a shot against Minnesota Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom (32), of Finland, during the first period Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008 during an NHL hockey game at Philips Arena in Atlanta. The shot bounced off the net.

And depression sinks in.

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Ugh school

Why does it have to be so hard. Actually it’s not, more like extremely boring to the point where it’s hard. Therefore my escape is this Friday. YES!!! It’s finally coming and I’m am so totally going. Yes that’s right ladies and gents, Thrashers hockey is officially starting. Oh I can’t wait. Hockey usually means that my boring school year comes to an end. Hockey keeps my mind off useless information like research papers, homework and random projects. Yes, procrastination is finally getting to be used. Not that i haven’t do that to begin with. Well with that said here is the roster going into Opening Night.

#20 Colby Armstrong
#36 Eric Boulton
#9 Erik Christensen
#45 MikeHoffman
#17 Ilya Kovalchuk
#13 Slava Kozlov
#10 Bryan Little
#11 Eric Perrin
#19 Marty Reasoner
#23 Jim Slater
#21 Brett Sterling
#27 Chris Thorburn
#12 Todd White
#14 Jason Williams

#4 Zach Bogosian
#39 Tobias Enstrom
#2 Garnet Exelby
#6 Ron Hainsey
#28 Nic Havelid
#47 Nathan Oystrick
#28 Mathieu Schneider

#1 Johan Hedberg
#32 Kari Lehtonen

 Well that looks good. Yes, now only a few more days of pain and waiting.

i score

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Off to Nashville

These are the players going to Nashville.

Forwards (10)
Matt Anderson
Angelo Esposito
Riley Holzapfel
Rylan Kaip
Spencer Machacek
Chad Painchaud
Danick Paquette
Tomas Pospisil
Matt Siddall
Myles Stoesz

Defensemen (6)
Chad Denny
Arturs Kulda
Scott Lehman
Grant Lewis
Scott Marchesi
Paul Postma

Goaltenders (2)
Chris Carrozzi
Dan Turple

 If you want more info here’s Blueland blog.

Over at the AJC, Mike has a good short article on Enstrom.

Yup thats it for now. I plan on taking tomorrow off. It’s my 18 birthday so you might hear from me, you might not.

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Im happy and 456.

Wow I just realized that people actually read this. It makes me kinda proud… OK not really. But i thank you readers for taking time out of your day to read this blog. Even though my motto is that ‘no one really cares about your blog’. Keep it coming people and i will keep it coming too.

Well enough said tonight the Red Sox broke the record for most consecutive sell-out games. That’s amazing.

Fans cheer as the Boston Red Sox take the field for a baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park in Boston Monday, Sept. 8, 2008. This is the 456th consecutive sellout at the ballpark which is an MLB record.

I think it would be a blast to go to one of these games… just let me know if you want to give me your tickets with no charge on my part. that would be nice. Just kidding. Since living in Georgia, I don’t really see to many sell-out games. Anyways here’s to 456 and counting.

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