Thrashers lose first game.

I didnt get to see it. I didnt get to hear it. I have no clue only that we lost. I fail.

If you havent heard the Johnster mic’d up. Well you should its funny.

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No thats not a goal.


(Photo by getty images)


Next game on Friday against New Jersey. Then the next night against Buffalo. Yay bad scheduling.


I’ve got midterms so don’t expect much posting this week…


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The word is yes.

This is over at Blueland Blog.

“ and the Blueland Blog have been informed that John Anderson was hired as the new head coach of the Thrashers this morning.”  Yay.

Well now that it is finally over lets move on. Please. I begging you.

I don’t think my begging works. Oh well.


 Don't stick finger up nose. Thinking is hard.

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We have a coach…

Yes!! Finally we have a coach and the Lucky one is… John Anderson. You don’t know how happy I am right now. Let us savor this moment… mmm it feels good to know someones in charge, it only took since last October. That would make it almost 9 months! wow no wonder we were a losing team. No coach = disaster. Now just take a look at him.

*John's thoughts* ~ finally the NHL

So now that it’s offical lets get ourselves some defence!

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