Well this sucks.

Kovy is out with a broken foot. Looks to be about a month till he will be back.

These next four weeks will be hard, especially with a hard part in the schedule starting this week with the caps.

This guy will have plenty of chances to come.


Sorry for the lack of posts. I have not been able to view the past few games, well the third period of each does not count…

Thrashers next game is Thursday against the Caps.


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So now what?

It’s the middle of August and there is nothing to do. I’ve watched miracle way too many times and now I’m just waiting for Sept. to come. It’s not coming by the way. Well… at least college has started and all the work that brings. Papers, labs, lectures. The good stuff.

So to hockey information. I have found that D-Wad says Kovy is coming closer and closer. I like how it sounds but is it true?

As for the question everyone keeps asking.

My lines for this year go like this.


Kozzie-White-Be Little




Ron- Pavel

Salmonella- Bobo/Ostyer

So yea I think that’s it for now.

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So much for being here.

Person wipes dust off the desk.  So I’ve finally had time to sit down and write something. Sigh. So much has happened since I last wrote, trades, wins, losses, and some other stuff. Today’s game was amazing but I didn’t go. Don’t ask why, I was mad.

Be Little is amazing.

And then there’s the dancers?

Ilya starts it off.

Then there’s Slater with his leap.


As for last game I call it Deer in the headlights.

And Goalie love.

The Thrashers have played great these last two games. I would really like to see them spoil more teams that have playoff hopes. Ha I love destroying peoples dreams? no not me.

Again sorry for not posting as much as I would like. I have lacrosse. It’s fun but this year were not so good. I used to play A-wing and got moved to defence. That’s how bad were doing. One good thing, the defence did get better, there’s just not attack now.

Side note, The Atlana race was today. Jimmie finished 9th. blah

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500 for 500 but not .500

So Ilya got his 500th point in his 500 game. Congrats to you Ilya. As for the playing .500 that will come. Maybe for a late Christmas present. Yes thats what it would/should be?

Well as for Christmas, I will be back bloging on Friday then head up north to Bruins territory and then on up towards Maine and 2 feet of snow. YAY I get to go skiing!


His faces are so funny

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Some news

I will not write anything about the election.

Ok moving on Ilya had the top goal of the week. Amazing.

I like James Mirtle’s fantasy team.

Tomorrow will be the Islanders game. I can’t go. 😦 but there’s always tv right.

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Kovy apologizes.

“I have to apologize in front of them after those efforts when we got 0-7 and 6-1. We just can’t play like that, even if we’re bad. We can’t give up six or seven goals. It’s a big win, and hopefully they are going to support us. We’ve got a good team…we’re much, much better than that and I promise we’re going to be in way better shape than we are right now.” – Ilya Kovalchuk

Well with that said I think Kovy earned his C. I still think Kozzie and his amazingness should be captain. He should have been last year but were not going to go there. Patience, thats what I like about Kozzie. But if Kovy can lead His team like that last night every night, well then he should be captain.


Tough decision for our coach.

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