Well this sucks.

Kovy is out with a broken foot. Looks to be about a month till he will be back.

These next four weeks will be hard, especially with a hard part in the schedule starting this week with the caps.

This guy will have plenty of chances to come.


Sorry for the lack of posts. I have not been able to view the past few games, well the third period of each does not count…

Thrashers next game is Thursday against the Caps.


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Thrash lose in SO

eh lame. Kozzie was not shooting in the SO, so I know we were in trouble… To entertain myself I was reading the live blog. Best quote of the night.

Chris Scott: Pierre’s got a man-crush on Pavelec

So true, its all he could talk about.

The back to back wins were great but at least we got a point tonight.

Next game is home against the Caps on thurs.

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Thrashers lose first game.

I didnt get to see it. I didnt get to hear it. I have no clue only that we lost. I fail.

If you havent heard the Johnster mic’d up. Well you should its funny.

(Photo by getty images)

No thats not a goal.


(Photo by getty images)


Next game on Friday against New Jersey. Then the next night against Buffalo. Yay bad scheduling.


I’ve got midterms so don’t expect much posting this week…

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1+300=301; Ha I can do math.

So lacrosse made me miss the first period. Ilya got his 300th and Bolts scored too.

I did get to see the second. Great penalty kills. Not so great penalties. The power play had great pressure but needs to get shots on goal.

Kane gets his first goal from a nasty breakout but Schubert while sprawling poked it out and Army took it and dropped to Pevs who then dished it to Kaner. Great stuff.

 The third was good. Great passes great defence. The last two minutes were eh then it was better. Kovy had some great clears and finished it off with his 301st goal. Scoring was very spread out and overall was a great win for the Thrashers.

(Photo by getty images)

(photo by getty images)

I sees you…

soo yea Thrashers win 4-2. Next game is Saturday at the Sens.






Lets go Boston…

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Thrashers win opening night.

Sadly I was not able to attend. FAIL. but I did get to watch it on tv. Yay!! Anyways overall a good game.

 Bogo’s goal was pretty sick. I didn’t think it was going to go in and then bam five hole.

(Photo by getty images)

Kovy was Kovy but with a better back check.

 (Photo by getty images)

Evander looked shakey throughout the first but then got some good strong shifts and got his first point. A few more games and he will astound people.

(Photo by getty images)


My first star was this guy.

(Photo by getty images)

Recap is here. Yup next game is on the 8th at St. Louis.

On another note my lacrosse team won today 18-13. Pretty good. I got sun burned. Soo now I’m very red.

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Loss of 5-1

The one preseason game I go to is the one we loose. Over all it was ulgy with only a few good parts.



ES ehhh.

Pavs had some good saves and then some not so good goals which I am going to blame Boris.

Mad Max and Slava getting rough was funny. I laughed.

Other than that I was unhappy.

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Thrashers win 4-2

No I was not there. Since living at Kennesaw State, my car is parked in the parking garage and the bottom floor was flooded along with the rest of campus. So I listened to the radio which only worked half the time. Oh well.

Nic Antropov is amazing. Brian Little is amazing. Kovy with Little and Antro is amazing. Need I say more.

(Photo by Getty Images)

Paul Postma is going to be the second coming of Zach Bogosian.


Picture of the night.

(Photo by Getty Images)


Tomorrow the Thrashers are at it again, here at Philips, and yet again I can’t go. Curse you lacrosse and birthday.

I can’t wait to see what Mad Max can do.

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Here are some treats for being good.

So I have been away for some time. Actually I have been home for the past few days, I just didnt feel like doing anything. Well getting to the point I have brought you some pics. Let this be my welcome to the new comers.


La la la lala


i can smile.


ahhh I is scared.




you know you remember this…


lets switch.


I fart in your general direction.




I see you.

I can fly.

Well that’s all I’m leaving with you for now. I don’t know when I’ll be back.

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New Place

Ben has a new place for the Blueland Blog. Its right here.

Game 3 tonight…

I started to shop for my college stuff. That was fun.

Burn Notice’s new season begings Thursday night. I can’t wait.

Which one do you want?

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Game 2 crazies.

By now you most likely have seen Malkin and Zetterberg’s fight. Well here is my version of  it.


That is all.

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