Thrashers win opening night.

Sadly I was not able to attend. FAIL. but I did get to watch it on tv. Yay!! Anyways overall a good game.

 Bogo’s goal was pretty sick. I didn’t think it was going to go in and then bam five hole.

(Photo by getty images)

Kovy was Kovy but with a better back check.

 (Photo by getty images)

Evander looked shakey throughout the first but then got some good strong shifts and got his first point. A few more games and he will astound people.

(Photo by getty images)


My first star was this guy.

(Photo by getty images)

Recap is here. Yup next game is on the 8th at St. Louis.

On another note my lacrosse team won today 18-13. Pretty good. I got sun burned. Soo now I’m very red.


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Cool weather.

So I’m sitting outside right now waiting for my next class to start. Oh the joys of college life. Hockey is coming and I can’t wait.

If you havnt heard yet the Thrashers prospects were killed in the first two games in Traverse City but yesterday laid it to the Canes 7-3.

Evander Kane is amazing. Need I say more.

Sean Grace is looking for a writer and also gives us a magic number.

Well thats all i have for now. Time to get to class.

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The Blog

Between packing for college, cleaning my current room, and hanging out with friends who are about to leave, I have not time to write. So for the next few weeks I will be uhhh not here. Sooo yea bye.

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Ahhh. I’ve missed so much.

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What a wonderful saturday.

So I was one of those fans. Yes, of the Red Wings. Well it was only because of Slava Kozlov and he is the only reason I got into Thrashers hockey. So you can thank him for that.

Since Slava doesn’t play for them anymore I have cut all attachments to them, almost, that other Russian is amazing too.

Unlucky me I had a lacrosse game (which was horrible), so I missed out on the 1st period.

2nd period was ugly.

3rd just as bad.

Kozzie’s goal= SICK

Can anyone find me a pic of Kozzie and Datsyuk together. That would be much appreciated.

and finally some quotes:

“From The Press Box”

Former Red Wing Slava Kozlov on playing the Red Wings:  “That was a good test for us, but I think we didn’t pass it. The Stanley Cup champ came to our building and we had a couple chances in the first period on the power play. We didn’t score…We played reasonably but today they dominated. They made good passes with great speed andit was very hard to defend. They always go forward.”

Kozlov on the large contingent of Red Wings fans: “It was half of our building with Detroit uniforms. Lately we didn’t see a lot of fans so we were happy there was a big crowd. It doesn’t matter to us if they are Red Wings fans or ours. It was fun to play (in that atmosphere).”

Wow. We need fans NOW.

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed Ron Hainsey is blogging.

Tonight Thrahsers take on Tampa Bay.

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Thats whats up

I’m sick with a head cold and this is all I’m saying. The Thrashers completely annihilated the Caps. Kari Kari Kari Kari Kari Kari!!!

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So I was looking at flair on facebook (uhhh distractions) and i found this one about stupidity.

Stupidity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I thought to myself- wow this is just like the Thrashers cough  Don Waddell cough

Thats all i got for now.

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You got Burned

Burn Notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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energy=ZERO. yay im sooo happy ha not.

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C stands for Casino right?

Nooo, it stands for Captain. Yes, tonight our Ilya has been made captain of the Atlanta Thrashers. I’m not joking here people. Want to know more look at Blueland blog.

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