So last night…

Well we got killed by Nashville 5-0, but they had good players and we had uhh not so good. Yea I’ll stick with that. Stand outs from what I could here, and thank you Dan Kamal for the radio, were that Pops, Kane, Kulda,  and The Short One (Stapleton). Kulda’s fight was great. He fell then got back up and beat Franson down.

(Photo by Getty Images)

No need to describe this one. It speaks for itself.


(Photo by Getty Images)

Heres Kane getting hooked.


(Photo by Getty Images)

I think this is a cross check…

Well thats all I have for now. Their next game is tonight at Tapma. We don’t have radio, they do so if you want to listen in, you can.


September 18, 2009 - Posted by | Hockey, Sports |

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  1. Looks like a slash in the second one. Right on the wrists, too. Ouch!

    Comment by Darren | September 19, 2009

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