Summer is so much better than this.

Yay, the Pens won… I’m so happy. (Can’t you hear my sarcasm.)

Lots of signings. Marty, Salmonella, and some prospects.

Oh my gosh what’s this. * opens wrapped gift*  Oh that’s just Rick Dudley. He is our new Associate GM.

Anyways who watched the Awards show last night? I didn’t cuz Burn Notice was on.

yay I winz it again.


So my blogging has been sucky since summer has started because I haven’t really been home. As a matter of fact I’m leaving for Guatemala next Wednesday. Just in time to miss the Draft and Free Agency. But I warn you I will be back with a vengeance come August. I think?

So long until then. THis is TheRussianOne13.


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New Place

Ben has a new place for the Blueland Blog. Its right here.

Game 3 tonight…

I started to shop for my college stuff. That was fun.

Burn Notice’s new season begings Thursday night. I can’t wait.

Which one do you want?

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Game 2 crazies.

By now you most likely have seen Malkin and Zetterberg’s fight. Well here is my version of  it.


That is all.

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