So how are your playoffs?

Well Boston is in and so is Detroit. My whole family is from the Boston area. So guess who I get to pull for.

end of that story.

So the last week i had three games in two days. Killer That explains the infrequent posting. That and Prom. That was lame. I like hockey games better.

If you haven’t heard yet, Tobi got crushed over in Switzerland. If you watch the video it looks so painful. But you can tell that the other guy didn’t want to hurt him. Lets just hope Tobi gets better soon.

Game 7 tonight for the Caps. I dont’ really know what i want to happen. For one I don’t want the Rangers to win.

Kids don’t eat pigs and don’t come in contact with others who have.

Oh and who ever keep searching for Mcintosh lacrosse. I would like to know who you are.

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On to the Draft.

Wow. The Draft. We’re 4th if you don’t already know.

It looks like we will get Kane. I definitely like this kid. Haha I’m actually older than him. wow.

Here’s a quote from Central Scouting’s Blair MacDonald~ “He has power forward qualities from the blue line in. He’s the type of player who doesn’t like being denied access to the net. You can almost see when he’s got the puck he’s going to the net and defying people to stop him. He’ll be a 200-pound forward in the National Hockey League. He plays like he’s 6-2, 6-3, bigger than his size. He’s surprised a lot of people with his strength going to the net.”

On other news, our Tea Party is here today. I will be sick from school today to join in on the festivities. Taking pictures, laughing at crazy people and other such things.

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I was here when you were there.


Yea that’s right all week last week. Lets just say it was beautiful. So back to hockey. I got to go to the last game of the season. Wooohhhh. that was fun. Didn’t get to go to warm-ups. Not happy about that.

So on to the game. All pics taken by my brother.

1st period.


The rest of the 1st period pics were not so great. So I didn’t put them here.

2nd period.

We moved seats. 🙂


Tobi- I’m ready…


Who you looking at. Yea that’s right he ignores you.


Little butt hahaha.


 All the other pics of Bogo moving were blury. I think it’s cuz he moves so fast.


Kari played well. I really want him back next year.

3rd period


We stand and watch.


Annnddd that’s the END. We win 6-2.


The Shpifty Awards.

Legions of the Undead Award- Slava Kozlov, Todd White, Garnet Exelby (better year but still…)

Spark Plug Award- Rich Peverley.

Awesome Award- Ron Hainsey

Rookie of the year- Zach Bogosian. (That was obvious)

The Most Amazingness Amazing Award- Marty Reasoner

Killer Name Award- Anssi Salmela(Salmonella)

Team Killer Award- Garnet Exelby

Hypochondriac Award- Kari Lehtonen

Why Don’t You Just Fall on Your Face Award- Jason Williams


Playoffs who do you like?

I really like Milan Lucic but then again I have to go with Kozlov’s younger self -Datsyuk.

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Spring Break

It’s called High Springs, Fl. The middle of no where. Wow im really upset. I dont get to be home over spring break. You know what that means. I cant go to the last games of the season. 😦 And the laptop im using doesnt play videos. so I cant watch those amazing videos I keep reading about. ok Im leaving now. blah alsk ghlsfh; jef

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