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So it’s been a week. Sooo much has happened. Where do I start. Oh that’s right Slava Kozlov is the greatest man alive.  So is  Salmonella (Anssi). I actually got to go to the Sens game with my church. Wow I think I spent the whole game trying to tell them what was going on. Some girls got it because of box lacrosse, the others just looked at me like I was crazy. It was strange. We do have a new Thrasher fan but she says only because of hot guys that go to the games. Sad but still a fan nonetheless.

NCAA hockey is so much better than basketball.

This is my last week before spring break. Yay! I’m excited. And that means I still have lacrosse. So still expect slow blogging until otherwise.

Until next time. This is TheRussianOne13. Ooowwww.


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The day after?

That’s the way to stop goals Moose.

Good for a game after a game. Bad for giving up a 2 goal lead.

Again  Kozzie is amazing.

So i haven’t said much on the new comer Anssi Salmela. I really like him. He is really slow and methodical. Like that one point last night where he just kept going in a straight line really slowly and the Tampa players just couldn’t stick with him. Pure skill.


 And over all Jimmie Johnson had a good day at Bristol.


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What a wonderful saturday.

So I was one of those fans. Yes, of the Red Wings. Well it was only because of Slava Kozlov and he is the only reason I got into Thrashers hockey. So you can thank him for that.

Since Slava doesn’t play for them anymore I have cut all attachments to them, almost, that other Russian is amazing too.

Unlucky me I had a lacrosse game (which was horrible), so I missed out on the 1st period.

2nd period was ugly.

3rd just as bad.

Kozzie’s goal= SICK

Can anyone find me a pic of Kozzie and Datsyuk together. That would be much appreciated.

and finally some quotes:

“From The Press Box”

Former Red Wing Slava Kozlov on playing the Red Wings:  “That was a good test for us, but I think we didn’t pass it. The Stanley Cup champ came to our building and we had a couple chances in the first period on the power play. We didn’t score…We played reasonably but today they dominated. They made good passes with great speed andit was very hard to defend. They always go forward.”

Kozlov on the large contingent of Red Wings fans: “It was half of our building with Detroit uniforms. Lately we didn’t see a lot of fans so we were happy there was a big crowd. It doesn’t matter to us if they are Red Wings fans or ours. It was fun to play (in that atmosphere).”

Wow. We need fans NOW.

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed Ron Hainsey is blogging.

Tonight Thrahsers take on Tampa Bay.

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Blah that was ulgy

Flower power unite

This whole game left a bad taste in my mouth. Blah. I very much dislike the pens. I’m pretty pissed that Bogo was injured. All the more reason to hate the pens.

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Thats whats up

I’m sick with a head cold and this is all I’m saying. The Thrashers completely annihilated the Caps. Kari Kari Kari Kari Kari Kari!!!

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So much for being here.

Person wipes dust off the desk.  So I’ve finally had time to sit down and write something. Sigh. So much has happened since I last wrote, trades, wins, losses, and some other stuff. Today’s game was amazing but I didn’t go. Don’t ask why, I was mad.

Be Little is amazing.

And then there’s the dancers?

Ilya starts it off.

Then there’s Slater with his leap.


As for last game I call it Deer in the headlights.

And Goalie love.

The Thrashers have played great these last two games. I would really like to see them spoil more teams that have playoff hopes. Ha I love destroying peoples dreams? no not me.

Again sorry for not posting as much as I would like. I have lacrosse. It’s fun but this year were not so good. I used to play A-wing and got moved to defence. That’s how bad were doing. One good thing, the defence did get better, there’s just not attack now.

Side note, The Atlana race was today. Jimmie finished 9th. blah

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