Aaannnndddd he is back

Wait who am I talking about. I don’t really know. Kovy played with a lot of intenseity and fire. Zach, well he is just back. Now that Kovy looks like he has his scoring touch back we need the rest of the team to score with him.


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The never ending losses

Still the funny faces.

I am strong. I am Army strong.


Well the Thrasher lose in OT. I don’t want to talk about it. grrr sigh. Life is full of disappointments. Oh well we will just have to get OVER it.

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Well I’m in Maine now. After a 5hr drive with annoying cousins I’m tired, but that was yesterday. Today we do nothing I get to listen to the game because they don’t have direct tv. This computer keeps turning off randomly so I wont be bloging much, unless I get my laptop working.

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Close but still

The Bruins are amazing. I dont know what else to say.

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Away far far away

Im in NH right now at my Aunts place visiting my cousins. Young, loud but all together fun. Friday nights game, well its a bummer. Moving on the Thrashers play the Bruins and I’m in Boston not home…

Good luck to the Falcons in the playoffs.


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Wait dont we want to move forward and get better now. Well screw that I want Tavares. Let’s tank so Espo will have someone to play with besides Kovy. Canada beats down that team that just could not score (Czechs)  8-1.

On our end the Thrashers play an exciting game against the canes but lost. Be Little was amazing. End of story.

I want next year to come. Oh wait It’s in five days.

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500 for 500 but not .500

So Ilya got his 500th point in his 500 game. Congrats to you Ilya. As for the playing .500 that will come. Maybe for a late Christmas present. Yes thats what it would/should be?

Well as for Christmas, I will be back bloging on Friday then head up north to Bruins territory and then on up towards Maine and 2 feet of snow. YAY I get to go skiing!


His faces are so funny

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No I’m not talking about those things that the doctors like to stab into your arm, I’m talking about a little puck hitting a goalie. That’s right. And who pulls the goalie when their down by three and are obviously not able to sustain pressure for more than 10 seconds. grr Ilya needs to learn how to play defence for reasons know to us already. I can’t wait for Bogo to come back, at least I will have something to look forward to and at.

This sums up my feelings for tonight.

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Lots of new stuff


I guess i haven’t really posted anything worth writing home about. ha writing. Well I just got out of school this past week and have been winding down, playing xbox, playing lacrosse, watching the Thrashers suck it up, and sleeping which is by far the best thing on my short list. So obviously lots has happened since I last wrote, which when I look back it wasn’t really that long ago.

First news, Kari is back. I repeat Kari is back from his annual vacation and at perfect timing. Pavs is not ready to hold this team where they can play and moose is well moose. X had apparently played on a fractured leg. You think he would have noticed sooner. I mean when I broke my ankle jumping of a bleacher I felt that and at least only practiced on it. No games, then when I noticed it was the size of a grapefruit it was time to go the the hospital. But that’s beside the point. Schneider is coming back yay for defence. Bogo is making progress and should be back  soon. If you haven’t read his “blog” you should.

I have choosen not to look back at the past few games and there for will not write about them. Tonight is against Tampa. Lets see if we can actually win while out shooting them at the same time. I don’t think it can happen.


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The end is near.

Sigh I no longer have exams.


 no more.


Yup that’s right. So tonight I thought I was going to go to that hockey game. You know, the one against the Pens, but no I’m going to play lacrosse.  I will have fun and then watch the game on TV. That lame person I am.

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