Take a deep breath

There are changes on the way, so says the amazing coach.

 “We’re not playing up to as good as we can play right now and we’ve got to figure it out right away. Because it will get so far out of hand that we won’t be able to reel it back in.”

“We’re going to look at the whole situation, look at what we have, what we have in the minors and figure out what steps need to be taken,”

From what I was listening to on the radio, Pavs played a great game.


This man should be named Captain.


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Beat up?

Ya I think so. X hmm i just don’t want to think about this right now. Slava Kozlov is still amazing.

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Names and other things.

Well I now have one day to finish my applications for college, so says my dad. But that’s beside the point. Our boys in blue completely annihilated those leafs. Kovy played a good game, but he had his moments where he should not be. I for one don’t like to see ‘superstars’ fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I know he can handle himself, but that’s why you have enforcers on teams. But I can’t always have my way. ha Kovy really did show them who’s boss. I just love moose’s save, amazing. You should of heard my dad and I, we have center ice so we actually got to watch the beating and that amazing save.

They did all the right things and came out with the win. Now keep moving to tonight against those Caps.


One other thing, I want to give this blog a name. My pen name doesn’t work for me. So if you fellow readers would be so kind and come up with something, it would be much appreciated.

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Beat down?

Lost of hitting. I like that. Thrashers 6-3.

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All week

Yes that’s right. I have no school for a whole week and I’m doing absolutely nothing. So bored. I’m not allowed to play xbox or watch tv till i finish my college essays. ah that’s not going to happen.

Tonight the Thrashers go up against those leafs.  Ben Wright is doing us all a favor by showing us what it’s like on road trips. you can follow here and here.

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Slowly moving on.

This week will never end. The loss on Sunday has sent me into craziness. School is sucking the life out of me and I now have a term paper due Friday. You know what that means. I wont be able to go see Dupers. Grrg. OK enough of this ranting, I needed something to do besides research so I decided to come here. 🙂 bad . slap on hand.

I look forward to see the Thrash against those ones they call the Pens. I guess they write things now. haha. I make myself laugh. not really. Ok my brain can’t focus right now and I have lax practice to get ready for. So I leave you with this.

Dustin Pedroia.

Giving hope to all the short people like me.

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Three in a row.

No that has nothing to do with the Thrashers. Jimmie Johnson has now won three championships in a row. Ya that’s right. Beat that.

Those Flyers are still a pain in the side. It’s like an oozing wound that festers for a long time and never goes away. 4-3 Flyers. 😦 (But Kozzie is still amazing.)

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I did go to the game last night i have some pics from warm-ups. I’ve been sick the past few days and have not felt like posting anything. So sorry for the emptiness. ha








Over all a win for the Thrash. Next those orange ones. Lets make is 6 in a row.

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Im not alone.

Yes that’s right. I’m not the only one who thinks that Slava should be captain.

Todays game was not on tv. sigh. Well the radio was sooo much better anyways. No rebound for you! Thrashers win 5-2.

Sorry I have been kinda not been posting stuff lately. I bought Fable II the other day and have been playing it non- stop.

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