New lines again and Ch.19

Ilya Kovalchuk- Jason Williams-Brett Sterling (did not see that one coming)

Kozzie’s line stays same. They were amazing last night. Crusher moves to the fourth line so that means one has to sit out tomorrow.


The new chapter came out today. Amazing as always. Tucker come back…

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Getting closer

Ugh. The Thrashers played well tonight. The powerplay worked. The fighting was the highlight. And Brian Little’s amazingness. Too many penalties in the second.

This picture sums the night up. I just love his facial expressions. Rangers 3-2. event summary

Next stop Devils.

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Poor Zach

Ya the results are back and Bogo has a fractured fibula. Well that’s depressing. Bogo please get better soon. We really need you!

You have got to be kidding me.

 Well the Thrashers continue on tonight against the Rangers.

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The new lines.

 Ilya Kovalchuk- Erik Christensen -Jason Williams (Crusher with Kovy finally, Jason ?)

Slava Kozlov-Todd White-Bryan Little ( still the Little White Russian just a different Russian.)

Colby Armstrong-Marty Reasoner-Chris Thorburn (Army, Marty, and Chris. I just don’t know yet.)

Eric Perrin-Jim Slater-Brett Sterling or Eric Boulton (I don’t like to see Perrin here…)

Well thats it. Bogo got an MRI and some other stuff but no report back on that just yet. He did not go on the trip to NY and NJ. I really hope he’s fine.

On another note Jimmie is completely pwning.

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wow…wow. That was just ugly.

Kari was not focused and Kovy could not control his temper. Everyone looked really slow. Bogo got hurt in the first 20 sec of his shift. UGH now im going to go drown my self in the shower. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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It’s what my lacrosse team works on EVERY practice. It’s what makes our team able to get out of our zone and into theirs. If not used correctly things will not be so great, as seen last night. There I will not speak anymore on this. The second period was ugly. Blah.


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And the hits just keep coming.

I will have more tomorrow. Boston 5-4.

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My thoughts

Last night just shows us how good the Red Wings are and how the Thrashers are not used to Anderson’s system. What I think the Thrash needs to focus on right now is playing the whole 60 min. The next thing is the powerplay. We are now 1for like 10000. Ok not really, but still try something different would be nice, like actually pass the puck around for a minute then take a shot and no stupid shots as one of my coaches would like to call them. Kovy stop trying to force it, let it come to you. Take a page out of Kozzie’s book and be patient. Bogo, Hossa is not your fault, he’s just really good. Over all I like the come backs. Next time it will be ours. Here’s the game summary and the event summary.

Ya thats a goal.

Onward towards the Bruins at 7.

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Mr. Hossa

This man is amazing. Red Wings 5-3.

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No lines today

Yup that’s right. John Anderson decided that it’s best for us just not to know. But one thing I do know is that were playing the Red Wings! yay and it’s on TV for once. You can see that at 7:30 on sportssouth.


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